Sumitomo Sport HP The Sumitomo Sport HP is available in 18″- 24″ to suit SUV’s providing sports car performance. Two- in one shoulder block design: provides for superb lateral grip, reduces irregular wear and stability. Jointless Nylon Band Technology: promotes stable, predictable handling, excellent uniformity and a smooth ride. Available Sumitomo Sport HP Sizes 285/60R18    255/55R18

Sumitomo Tour Plus Our Sumitomo Tour Plus range gives you touring comfort and exceptional mileage, its Five-Rib asymmetric tread creates a quiet and comfortable ride, while the jointless nylon cap ply construction gives you high speed uniformity and stability. Available Sumitomo Tour Plus Sizes 225/40R18    195/55R15    205/55R16    225/55R16 215/55R17    225/55R17    255/55R18    185/60R15 195/60R15    205/60R16    225/60R16