Sumitomo ST938 Sumitomo’s latest release premium long haul tyre. Super deep tread provides excellent mileage. Solid shoulder ribs coupled with rigid interior tread blocks controls heel and toe wear. Diamond cut block edges resist irregular wear. Increased rubber base dissipates heat while running at high speeds in long haul operations. Available Sumitomo ST938 Sizes Cat.

Sumitomo ST908 Dependable Open Shoulder Drive Tyre. Computer designed tread provides excellent traction and long milage. 4 Steel breakers helps to resist punctures. Patented rubber compounds provides long milage. Available Sumitomo ST908 Sizes Cat. Code Tyre Size Speed & Load AB1603 11R22.5 146/144L

Sumitomo ST900 Rugged Drive Tyre for Off-Highway Operations. 25mm Tread depth provides excellent mileage over standard depth tyres. Special steel coating reduces development of rust on the steel components All steel casing promotes retread ability and resists casing failures. Available Sumitomo ST900 Sizes   Cat. Code Tyre SizeSpeed & LoadAB1501 11R22.5146/143G

Sumitomo ST791 Designed for Abrasiv Conditions in Harsh Metro Applications. The unique ‘Zig-Zag’ groove designed with deep sipes provides strong traction in both wet and dry contitions. Optimised tread compound ensures long life with low heat generation. Sidewall protector resists curb scuffing minimising sidewall damage in harsh conditions. Available Sumitomo ST791 Sizes Cat. Code Tyre

Sumitomo ST738 Outstanding Performance in Regional and Metro Operations. Sidewall Scuff Ribs controls the effect of curbing. Wide outsite ribs resist the effects of sharp turns and prolongs tyre life. special tread rubber compounds gives good wet weather traction. Available Sumitomo ST738 Sizes Cat. Code Tyre Size Speed & Load AB1004 11R22.5 148/144K