Sumitomo HTR P01 A/S

Sumitomo HTR P01 A/SSumitomo HTR P01 A/S

Sumitomo’s New Ultra high performance all-season tyre, the Sumitomo HTR PO1as, has a superior level of grip in wet and dry conditions. Its wide five-rib tread pattern provides quick and direct steering response, while the four wide grooves provide excellent drainage enhancing performance in the wet.

Available Sumitomo HTR PO1as Sizes

225/60R18    235/65R17    185/60R14    195/60R14
195/60R15    205/60R15    235/60R16    185/65R14
185/65R15    195/65R15    215/60R15    215/55R17
225/55R17    205/40R17    215/60R16    225/60R16
235/45R17    245/45R17    205/45R17    215/45R18
205/65R15    215/65R15    225/50R16    245/50R16
225/50R18    195/55R15    215/45R17    225/45R17
205/60R16    205/55R16    215/55R16    225/55R16
245/45R18    205/50R16

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