About Sumitomo

Within the tyre industry, Sumitomo enjoys a well-earned reputation for precision engineering and innovative technology. Sumitomo offers a complete range of passenger and light truck tires for a variety of vehicles and driving styles.

Sumitomo high technology radials have been designed for today’s performance cars. Advanced features such as ultra-micro carbon tread compounds and five pitch variation noise control maximize handling, comfort, and mileage. Wildly popular in the euro luxury and street tuner segments, Sumitomo high technology radials also are an excellent way to improve the performance of just about any late model sedan or coupe.

Sumitomo’s broad line selection of tires for domestic cars, sport utilities, and light trucks features the most popular sizes and tread designs for the Australian road. Whatever the application, every Sumitomo radial reflects the company’s primary commitment to compete always on the basis of product quality and customer service. Sumitomo radial truck tires have earned an excellent reputation for outstanding performance in the toughest applications. Innovative design and fantastic quality control makes the difference. Sumitomo offers one of the widest ranges of sizes and tread designs – built for long tread life, casing durability, and multiple retreads.

Take a look at what makes Sumitomo different. You can easily find tyres that cost more or are better known, but no one else has Sumitomo’s unique mix of technology, quality, and value. All this adds up to make Sumitomo today’s high value, high performance alternative!

Brief  Company History:

Masatomo SumitomoSumitomo’s history dates back to the early 17th century, when Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652) opened a book and medicine shop in Kyoto, Japan. Later, he created his Founder’s Precepts, which laid out his business philosophy.

The Sumitomo Business Principles, stressing integrity and sound management, were originally based on Masatomo’s Precepts and have been a central force shaping the spirit of each Sumitomo company for more than 350 years. Sumitomo’s initial mainstay business was copper mining. It later diversified into a variety of fields including finance, insurance, iron and steel, real estate, and trade. Today, Sumitomo is acknowledged as one of Japan’s leading business groups.